Legal aid and legal assistance are something for which the organisation is known for but securing a child’s future is an act of noble cause which this authority tries in all possible ways. One of such cases is the following wherein:

An appellant who was granted suspension of sentence submitted before the Hon’ble High Court of Delhi that his three minor children were abandoned by his wife and the children have been given residence/accommodation by his cousin sister in Amritsar (Punjab) .   The Hon’ble High Court of Delhi directed Delhi State Legal Services Authority (DSLSA) to assist the appellant in ensuring the continuation of the education of the children and ensure, if necessary, admission in any residential facility for this purpose.

DSLSA requested the appellant to appear in person with his children in the Central Office of DSLSA with necessary documents.   Upon interaction with the appellant it was revealed that the three minor children were initially studying in Delhi and after his incarceration, as there was no family member/relative in Delhi to look after his children, the children were shifted to Punjab to stay with the relatives of the appellant.  The children continued their studies for initial one or two years after shifting to Punjab and thereafter, left the school.

The appellant requested that keeping in view of the tender age of the two daughters and one son, it would be safe if his children were allowed to stay in Amritsar under the kinship care of their relatives instead at Delhi as there was no relative for taking care of his children in Delhi.

Since, the applicant could not fulfil the eligibility conditions as laid down in the “Scheme for Financial Sustenance, Education & Welfare of Children of Incarcerated Parents, 2014”, applicable in Delhi, wherein it has a prerequisite condition for being eligible under the Scheme that the child should be residing in Delhi for the last five years, it was decided that keeping in view the essential conditions and provisions of Scheme and willingness of the appellant and his minor children, the matter was referred to the Punjab Legal Services Authority to ensure the proper maintenance and educational assistance to the children at Amritsar or anywhere else in Punjab.

DSLSA, thus, in compliance with the order of the High Court requested the Member Secretary, Punjab Legal Services Authority (PLSA) to take necessary steps for the welfare of the children of the appellant.

Following this, the District Legal Service Authority, Amritsar arranged a meeting with one of the relatives of the children ‘aunty’ and she informed the DLSA Amritsar that she would take care of son of the appellant and it was further directed that the two daughters of the appellant be shifted to Children Home for Girls.

Later on, a report was received from Punjab State Legal Services Authority wherein it was stated that the son of the appellant had got admitted in School and the two daughters of the appellant were also studying in 9th class and staying in the Hostel in Punjab.