1. Legal Services Advocates Advice the litigants on case and their related issues.
  2. They represent the Legal Aided litigants in the Court.
  3. They visit jails to identify the juveniles in adult jails.
  4. They represent Children in JJBs and CWCs.
  5. They visit Observation Homes and Children Homes to help needy children.
  6. Legal Services Advocates man Front Offices in all the DLSAs.
  7. They counsel rape victims and visiting their homes.
  8. They work as support person for victims while dealing with the matters of Sexual Assault.
  9. They intermediaries between police and parents in case of missing children.
  10. They Help in rescuing Child Labours and take steps for their rehabilitation.

Till March, 2015, this Authority has provided free Legal Services to the following number of persons:-

S. NO. Category of Beneficiary Number of Legal Aid Beneficiary
1 SC 5,685
2 ST 291
3 OBC 275
4 Person in Custody 1,16,885
5 Women 58,555
6 Children 378
7 Handicap Person 314
8 Sr. Citizen 577
9 Other 58,434