PUC: 10405/DSLSA/LA/2016

Dt. 02.12.2016

PUC: an application is respect of Sh. R.K Singh with a Request to provide a Legal Service Advocate to file his case before the National Consumer Dispute Redressal Commission.

In this regard, it is submitted that the applicanthas submitted his eligibility criteria as per the 7th category of chapter VI, Rule 9, of Delhi Legal Services Authority Regulation 2002.

  1.  Sc or ST
  2. Women or Child
  3. Person with disabilities
  4. Victim of mass disaster/ethnic violence caste atrocity/flood/earthquake or industrial disaster
  5. Industrial Workmen
  6. In Custody/ Protective Home/ Juvenile Home/ Psychiatric Hospital/ Psychiatric Nursing Home
  7. Low income (Annual income less than Rs. 1,00,000)
  8. senior Citizen (Annual income less than Rs. 2 Lac)
  9. Transgender (Annual income less than Rs. 2 Lac)


Therefore, if approved, Ms. K.R Chitra,  may be appointed in this case and request the applicant to contact the Ld. Counsel with all relevant documents.

Accordingly a draft is prepared and placed opposite for approval and signature please.


Supdt. (Legal Aid Wing)


Additional Secretary


Special Secretary