Delhi State Legal Services Authority prepares Calendar of Acitivites for its District Legal Services Authorities on monthly basis. The Calendar of Activities for the month of August, 2015 is as under:-

SL. NO.                                                            AUGUST, 2015
Legal Aid Wing
 1 Weekly visits by Secretaries to jails to ascertain legal aid needs of jail inmates, application of Section 436 A Cr. P.C. as well as 437 (6) of Cr.P.C. and identification of probable Juveniles under Project of Adoption of Jails for Legal Services.
 2 Training/Orientation and Sensitization of empanelled Advocates as per the Training Manual by NALSA.
 3 Visits by Secretaries/Panel Lawyers to Observations Homes/Children Homes.
 4 Information on the current Project of the Year i.e. Rescue and Rehabilitation of Street Children.
Legal Literacy Wing
 5 Legal Literacy Classes in Government Offices on Protection of Women from Sexual Harassment at Workplace Act, 2013.
 6 Legal Awareness Programmes in Jails with special emphasis on Plea Bargaining Sec. 436 A Cr.P.C., Sec. 437 (6) Cr. P.C. and R. D. Upadhyay.
 7 Awareness Programme on benefits to Senior Citizens regarding various schemes for example Pension Scheme and under Senior Citizen Act, 2007.
 8 Sensitization Programmes of Ld. Public Prosecutors regarding victims of crime and use of Section 357, 357 A Cr.P.C.
 9 Opening of Legal Literacy Clubs in Private Schools and Colleges.
 10 Legal Literacy Programmes on Drugs and Substance Abuse.
Lok Adalat Wing
 11 Daily Continuous Lok Adalats. Interaction with Judicial Officers for maximum refund to DCLAs.
 12 Monthly National Lok Adalat on MACT/Banks N.I. Act on 08.08.2015. Meeting with all Stakeholders.
Establishment Wing
 13 Meeting of Ld. Secretaries DLSAs with the concerned CMM, ACMM and MMs of all the District for any queries/trouble shooting regarding legal services being rendered.
 14 Uploading of data in the website.
 15 Completion of digitization and bookmarking of records and scanning of files with new antivirus supplied.
 16 Prompt clearance of the bills of the Legal Service Advocates.
 17 Any other programme that  Ld. Secretary desires to hold  keeping in view the specific needs of that District with prior information to the Central Office.