Establishment Wing:-

  1. Administration Section

            This section coordinates with Central Office and all other departments in connection with the activities to be carried out as per the provisions of the NALSA Guidelines and directions issued by the Central Office from time to time.

  1. Accounts Section

This section deals with the following:-

(i)         NALSA Fund

(ii)        State Authority Fund (Grant-in-aid)

(iii)       Costs

(iv)       Payment of various types of fees/honorarium as per schedule prepared by Central Office

(v)        Imprest Account for petty expenses


  1. Procurement Section

This section deals with the purchase of office stationery, consumables for computer printers and other items required for day-to day running of office.

  1. Data Entry Section

This section maintain and update the data of all the activities done by this Authority and also prepare and compile all reports and compliances for onward transmission to Central Office in Excel Sheets pertaining to Missing Children, Counselling of Rape Victims, DAR/MACT Cases, Victim Compensation, Age inquiry of Probable Juveniles, Monthly Report of Legal Aid Beneficiaries & Cases settled through Counselling and Conciliation, Data of Lok Adalat, Action taken report on State Plan of Action, National Plan of Action, Visits of Ld. Secretaries to assigned Jails/Observation Homes, Project of the Year- Rehabilitation of Street Children.