Success Stories

Justice to blind, widow and old aged woman aged 80 years Smt. Premwati W/O Lt. Puran R/o 401, Gadhaui Village, Krishna Nagar Vidhan Sabha, Krishna Nagar, Lal Quarter.


A blind, widow and old aged woman of 80 years of age namely Smt. Premvati was wandering outside the premises of Karkardooma Courts on 20/11/2017 when PLV Ms. Kalpana Dhawan spotted her and offered her to help. Initially the old lady refused to open up but later on she broke down and informed the PLV that she had been forcefully thrown out of her house by her son and daughter-in-law. The PLV consoled the old lady and took her to the office of District Legal Services Authority, Shahdara and offered her water and refreshment. There, Front Office Advocate Ms. Shilpa Dalmia registered her complaint and rendered all possible legal aid.


The Secretary, District Legal Services Authority, Shahdara also personally interacted with applicant Smt. Premvati and informed her about relevant provisions of Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens Act, 2007 where redressal is available to the applicant. Moreover, he assigned duties to PLV Ms. Kalpana Dhawan to accompany her to the house of applicant and also got drafted a complaint to be sent to local police station so that appropriate action may be taken against the family members of applicant who had allegedly thrown her out of her house .

PLV Ms. Kalpana Dhawan accordingly accompanied the applicant to her house and even paid the expenses of auto-rickshaw on her behalf. She met son and daughter-in-law of the applicant and counseled them. After hours of counseling, both son and daughter-in-law of the applicant admitted their mistake and apologized to the applicant in front of PLV and undertook not to trouble her in any manner in future. Considering the fact that both son and daughter-in-law have realized their mistake and agreed to take the responsibility of their blind, old aged mother, the PLV did not report the matter to the police. She, however, made few visits thereafter to the house of applicant to ensure her safety and well-being and the applicant was found living peacefully and happily with her children. She also thanked and blessed the PLV concerned for her painstaking efforts and unconditional support.